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Manual therapy is the use of "hands on" techniques to maximize the body's own self healing potential. We use manual therapy to diagnose and treat injured and or unhealthy tissue. Manual therapy uses mechanical stimulus to create improvement in the function and structure of injured cells. This causes healing of damaged tissue and helps to reduce pain and restore function. Manual therapy includes but is not limited to; gentle spinal mobilization, peripheral joint mobilization, massage and soft tissue mobilization, neural mobilization, craniosacral mobilization and lymphatic drainage. All our therapists are manual therapists trained in comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluations in biomechanics, histology (the study of tissue), neurophysiology (the study of physiology within the nervous system), pathology (the study of disease) and exercise physiology (the study of exercise to enhance healing). Our therapists use their knowledge from each of these disciplines to create an individualized and effective program to promote maximum healing.

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