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We are a Physiotherapist owned and operated clinic established in 1993. We provide personalized hands on treatment with highly skilled registered physiotherapists trained in the latest evidence-based techniques. Our results speak for themselves: quicker recovery times and early return to activity.

All of our physiotherapists are all active with post-graduate education, and we have two FCAMPT therapists on staff





Katherine is the owner of Eisenhauer and Smith Physiotherapy clinic. She graduated from the University of Western Ontario with her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 1988. Following her graduation, she worked at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto for 1 year treating both inpatient and outpatient orthopedic and neurological patients. She then moved to San Diego and worked at Sharp-Rees Stealy for 5 years where her focus was in outpatient Orthopedics. During her time in San Diego, she completed her advanced manual therapy training (Australian approach) for both spinal and peripheral injuries. She is also trained in the McKenzie approach. She moved back to Toronto in 1995 and joined Eisenhauer and Smith Physiotherapy.  Over the past 20 years, she has continued her post-graduate education advancing her expertise in orthopedics, vestibular training, acupuncture and orthotics. She continues to use evidence-based practices to design her individual patient care.  In her spare time, she is an avid runner. She is currently involved in teaching at the University of Toronto Physical Therapy Orthopaedics Unit as a clinical reasoning small group facilitator. She is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Ontario Physiotherapy Association and is registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

  • BScPT, MCPA, Registered Physiotherapist

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Laura graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a BA in Kinesiology. She then went on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. At the post-graduate level she has successfully earned a Diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy from the Orthopedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. She is registered as a Fellow with the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT). Laura has been working in private practice since 2003, with expertise in orthopedics, manual therapy and sports. She frequently uses acupuncture as part of her treatment approach, along with individual exercise prescription. Laura has also received special training in the rehabilitation of the vestibular system. She has had the opportunity to work abroad as a physiotherapist in New Zealand, where she gained invaluable international experience. Laura is a former competitive gymnast who now enjoys participating in weight training and tennis to maintain fitness and health. She is committed to providing client-focused care, where she employs manual therapy, exercise therapy and education to promote functional recovery.

  • HonsBA(Kin), BScPT, MCPA, FCAMPT, Registered Physiotherapist

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Einat graduated from Ben Gurion University in Israel with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2003. She also completed an Honours Master of Science in Physiotherapy with the University of Haifa, Israel as well as post-graduate orthopedic training in manual techniques (i.e. Mulligan), KinesioTaping, Dry Needling, and functional movement screening. Following her graduation, she practiced in both hospital and private clinic settings. Later, adding clinical instruction for Physiotherapy students and teaching assistance at University of Haifa to her practice. In 2005, Einat joined the Sports Medicine Centre at the Wingate Institute – Israel National Institute for Sports (as a physiotherapist and also as the clinical director from 2011 to 2013), treating athletes from various sports and ages. Einat has had the opportunity to work with Israel Olympic team, accompany them to their training camps and competitions – this included the Israel Olympic team to Singapore in 2010 – the first Youth Olympic games and 2012 London Summer Olympic games as chief physiotherapist.


Since moving to Canada with her family in 2013, Einat completed the comprehensive bridging program for international trained physiotherapists at the University of Toronto and was acknowledged with the 2018 Academic Excellence Award. For the past 2 years, Einat has been assisting with the orthopedic clinical labs in the Masters of Science in Physical Therapy program at the University of Toronto, using her knowledge and manual skills in training physiotherapists to be. She’s also involved with the bridging program as a facilitator and examiner. Einat strongly believes in active, functional, educated and collaborative rehabilitation, tailoring the treatment to the client’s needs, abilities and lifestyle. She is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, the Ontario Physiotherapy Association and is registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

  • PT, BScPT, MScPT, MCPA, Registered Physiotherapist

Roman A. Izquierdo.jpeg



Roman is an innovative physiotherapist, specializing in injury rehabilitation, musculoskeletal health preservation, and performance optimization. As a graduate of Western University, He provides unmatched treatments through his unique application of Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, Dry needling, joint mobilization/manipulation, and soft tissue techniques.

Roman has been lucky enough to work with professional, Paralympic, and Olympic level athletes in-clinic and courtside alongside medical staff.  He is very happy to have seen some of his athletes succeed at the Olympic level. 

Roman's interest and passion for physiotherapy started after having suffered from chronic and acute pain issues as an athlete, and student. I graduated from York University with a Specialized Honors BSc. in Kinesiology with the highest distinction (Summa Cum Laude) in 2013.  His ambition to provide patients with the best care possible led him to extend his education with courses in Neurofunctional-Acupuncture/Dry needling, Manual therapy, FMS, Vestibular Rehab, TMJ, and Myofascial-Release techniques. He has also had the privilege of working as a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer with private clients under the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.

During the Initial Physiotherapy appointment, Roman likes to perform a full-body scan to get to the root cause of the problem.  Roman is especially keen on empowering clients to learn about their bodies and to find ways to manage their pain, mobility, and fitness from a preventative rather than reactive approach.  Although He enjoys working with athletes, weekend warriors, and sports enthusiasts He also finds particular fulfillment in working with all age groups through a broad range of injuries from acute to chronic.

  • BSc(Kin), MScPT, Registered Physiotherapist




Suzie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 1986. After graduating, she worked at Olympia Sports Camp, with York University’s rugby team and Ontario rugby, and at many sporting events in order to obtain her Sports Physiotherapy Certification. Suzie has been a member of the Ontario Sports Physiotherapy Executive Committee. She works in Orthopaedics and has attained her Level 3 manual therapy and has completed her McKenzie A, B and C courses. Throughout this time Suzie also gained extensive experience in gait analysis and orthotic prescription.

In 2010, Suzie completed her Gunn IMS certification and has 9 years of experience using this very effective treatment technique. Suzie is currently taking advanced courses for the treatment of TMJ disorders and doing Pilates training.

In order to be successful with patients, Suzie believes that you have to get at the cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms. She uses a multimodal approach when treating her patients that includes Gunn IMS, manual mobilizations, soft tissue release, exercise prescription and taping.

When not at work, Suzie is active with fitness classes and Pilates, and enjoys spinning in the winter and cycling outdoors in the summer.

  • BScPT, MCPA, CGIMS, Registered Physiotherapist



David is passionate about teaching people how to move pain-free and educating them on the importance of integrating movement and exercises into their routines, allowing them to not only meet, but exceed their health goals while remaining pain-free. David is also very passionate about helping people improve their posture, mindfulness, and quality of life with his yoga background incorporated into his practice. He focuses on treating the individual and not the symptoms of their injuries for a holistic and sustainable approach to patient care.

David was first introduced to the world of health and fitness in high school when he joined the Ultimate Frisbee team at Northern Secondary School and is a 3x city champion. Since then, he has gone on to play varsity level ultimate Frisbee for the University of Toronto and at Dalhousie University. His position is an offensive line handler. David is also an avid soccer player and a die-hard Juventus FC fan. He spends his free time watching soccer highlights, performing soccer drills, and coaching athletes, in addition to his passion for yoga and strength training.

After sustaining musculoskeletal injuries throughout his athletic career, David began his passion for human movement and performance. This prompted him to further his commitment to health and fitness education by pursuing his Bachelor of Nutritional Science at the University of Toronto and his Master of Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University.

  • David London-Schacht, MScPT, HBSc, RYT-200, CPT, OTC, Physiotherapy Resident

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